My Story

I was introduced to Scentsy products when I attended a friend's home party a couple years ago.  Until that point, I owned many different fragrant candles.  I loved making my house smell nice but I was hesitant about burning them because I have children and were afraid they would get burnt or we would forget to put out the flame before leaving the house or going to bed.  And to add to that, I have VERY curious cats that like to get into anything they possibly can.  (I've actually had a cat that ventured her whiskers too close to the candle flame and it singed the tips!!)  Anyway, I ordered Scentsy from my friend's home party and tried it out for the first time.  I was instantly hooked.  I loved the fact that I didn't have to worry if I fogot to shut it off AND there is no fear of getting burned.  After that I wanted to become a consultant but I didn't think I could balance a job, kids, home life, and Scentsy too.  My husband is the one that pushed me into ordering the Consultant Kit and becoming part of the Scentsy Family.  I'm glad he did! I officially joined the Scentsy family at the end of March 2013.  I still work a full-time job, enjoy being a full-time mom, and balance Scentsy as well.  <!--endbody-->